Search Engine Evaluator Jobs – How to Find a Search Engine Evaluator Job


Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Admit it;

Search engines like Google have become a big part of our daily life.

And it’s the algorithms that decide search results that we see in search Engines.

But those algorithms are not always perfect.

So famous Search Engines like Google need trained professionals called search Engine evaluators to double-check the quality of the result.

 And every Search Engine’s primary goal is to give their users a perfect experience while they using their search engine.

So Search engine evaluator job is simply the process of helping search engines to identify the quality of the search results.

In this article, you will learn

  1. What is a search engine evaluator job?
  2. How to find a search engine evaluator job.
  3. sites to find search Engine Evaluator job.

What is a Search Engine Evaluator job?

Search Engine evaluators simply mean checking the search results of search engines to verify the results are accurate, relevant & spam free.

Every search engine has its own set of algorithms that uses various factors to rank a site.

As a search Engine Evaluator, you conduct thorough research to find if the results are relevant and helpful to the user’s intention. 

Google‘s algorithms use multiple ranking factors to rank a site high in google search results.

Algorithms don’t have to be perfect, by having thousands of professionals working for them and checking for the quality.

Usually once joined, you will be given proper training. And you also need to be a little familiar with the way search engines work.

Different search engines call these professionals by different names, for example, Google calls them “quality raters”.  

How to find a search engine evaluator job?

Even though you are going to directly work for Search Engines, Search engines don’t directly hire search engine evaluators, instead, they give it entire process contractors and they hire you and train you to perform the job.

You need to apply to these contractors for search engine evaluator jobs, once they are interested in your profile they will contact you to take their qualification test.

They will provide you with training and materials for search engine Guidelines.

For instance, Google provides this 200-page quality guideline for their evaluators to check the quality of the search results.

So it’s always desirable to have experience with the way search Engine. And how having knowledge in your locality and fluency in the language is very important.

Companies that offer Search Evaluator Jobs

1. Lionbridge

Lion Bridge - Search Engine Evaluator jobs

Lionbridge offers multiple works from opportunities relating to search engine evaluators.

The following are a few.

Internet search administrator – The person who rates search results improves search results.

Internet assessor – The person who evaluates the quality of the content in the search result.

Multimedia Judge – The person that evaluates the relevancy of images and videos to the query.

Speller Web Content Assessor – This person helps the search engines understand the best spelling for queries.

You have to take a test to qualify for their job. They will provide you with study material.

Once you passed, they will let you work on their site.

You can expect them to pay $13 per hour for your work. And Lionbridge lets you work for 20 hours a week.

Lionbridge offers monthly payments directly to your bank account.

Apply for Lion Bridge

2. Appen

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs - Appen

Appen is one of the oldest and legitimate sites that have been offering Search Engine evaluator jobs for years.

This site offers search media evaluation and social media evaluation jobs for you to work from home.

You need to fill their form to find if you fill are accepted or not.

 once your application is shortlisted they will contact you to offer you training material. You may also need to spend time on unpaid training sessions.

Once passed the training and accepted by Appen, You can start your work as an independent contractor.

On Appen, You can expect to anywhere from $12-14 per hour.

Apply for Appen

 3. Isoftstone

Search Engine Evaluator - Isoftstone

Isoftstone offers a normal search engine evaluator job where the job is flexible.

On this site, You need to work a minimum of 10 hours a week, and you can do the work whenever you have time. And there are no schedules. You can work 25 hours for maximum.

They offer multiple opportunities for different regions. you can go to their site to find the available opening positions and apply for them.

Once you applied and send your resume they will contact you to offer training.

If you pass the training, you can start working. You will be paid around $14 per hour.

This site directly deposits your earnings to your bank account.

Apply for Isoftstone


Search Engine Evaluator is one of the most flexible opportunities online to work part-time.

Even though it requires Specific skills to work on the tasks effectively, for most of us, these skills are acquirable.

Along with Search engine evaluator, there are plenty of sites to earn money online and online earning sites.

Also, the site mentioned above provides you different opportunities other than search Engine Evaluator. You can try them too.


What is a Search Engine Evaluator job?

Search Engine evaluators simply mean checking the search results of search engines to verify the results are accurate, relevant & spam free.

How do I become a Search Engine Evaluator?

Step 1: Go to Appen, Lionbridge, or Isoftstone Website Step 2: Apply for search Evaluator job Step 3: Take the qualification test to get a job

How Much Money Do Search Engine Evaluators Make?

Search Engine Evaluators make a minimum of $14 per hour.