Neobux Review – Is Neobux Scam or Legit?

Background of Neobux:-

Neobux was launched on March 25, 2008 and the owner/admin. of Neobux is Fernando.

Rating: 79/100

Suitable for: All

Recommended: Yes

Price to join: Free

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What is Neobux?


Neobux is one of the trusted and old bux model PTC website and also known as the king of PTC websites (Pay to click service). In Neobux you can earn money just by viewing advertisements. You can earn $0.001 to $0.01 per advertisement click.

Who can work in Neobux?


Neobux is suitable for all kind of users (for both beginner and professional online workers).


Neobux program details. (How can we earn money in Neboux?)


As aforementioned, it’s very easy to earn money in Neobux, just by viewing the advertisements. The main concept of Neobux is to display the advertisers’ advertisement and pay the money to each viewer for each click they do.


How can we earn more money in Neobux?


You can earn more money by referring people in Neobux (Make people to join under your link and when they will start to work as same as you work, you will earn money from it). But you must click total 100 ads and must wait 15 days after you sign up in order to be eligible to refer people. At first, they will allow you to refer only 30 people. But as older as your membership will be, they will allow you to refer more people under you.


You will get commissions from each advertisement that your referrals click and you will also get commissions when they will upgrade their membership. So keep on referring people. When you will have more than 100 active referrals, then you will start to earn good income from Neobux.


After you have enough referrals, it is better you upgrade your account to Golden because you will get more commissions when you upgrade your account.


(NOTE:- You must view at least 4 orange ads as a free member and 9 orange ads as upgraded member in order to get commissions from your referrals each day, otherwise you will not earn money from your referrals for that day.)


Another feature in Neobux is playing Ad prize games. It is same like viewing ads but you will not get money for each click, instead you will get some points or dollars on lucky draw basis. But you have to try many times in order to win that prize.

Other features in Neobux are Micro Jobs, Matomy, Payment Wall, Peanut Labs, Offers, Crowd Flower Tasks etc. from which you can earn more. But always remember that if some of them let you sign up in other programs and ask for your credit card information, then it is better you leave those kind of tasks because those tasks are not from Neobux but from the advertisers. Neobux cannot guarantee the advertisers are scam or legit. So, never give your any critical information in such kind of works.


You can also earn more money in Neobux from Renting Referrals, But we think that is not good idea, Why?


See more about it in “drawbacks of Neboux” caption.


How to get Direct Referrals in Neobux?


Click –>HERE<– for the detail ideas to advertise your Neobux link to build your direct referrals in Neobux.


Free to join or need to pay?


Neobux is completely free to join and work.


Drawbacks of Neobux:-

  • Neobux has feature to rent people but it is better not to do that. We don’t mean it is totally bad, but till the date, it has the record only 10% of members had made profit by renting referrals, 90% of them lose their money. It is because when you rent referrals, at first you will find it quite good but after when you will rent more people, then you will start to have many troubles. You will get almost more than 70% inactive referrals due to which even it is hard to cover the rent money which you have to pay every month to keep them as your referral. So, it is hard to make profit unless you follow the strategy in which you have to invest a lot to buy new rented referrals and let expire the inactive ones. So it is better you should focus on Direct Referrals than Renting Referrals in Neobux. But if you want to try your luck, then that depends on you.
  • Neobux is already so much popular that there are many people working in it. So, it is hard to get referrals in Neobux comparing to other same kind of programs.
  • Neobux forum rules are too much strict. If you write something harsh about them in their forum, then they will banned you from forum or even can suspend your account. So, always be careful before writing something in the forum of Neobux because they are too sensitive and they had already mentioned about it in their TOS 1.6 & 1.7. So, read carefully those TOS before you post anything in their forum.

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