Clixsense Review & Tutorial

If you are thinking on joining Clixsense – but you are not sure about it – then my honest Clixsense Review below, will solve any questions that you might have and it will help you take a decision on joining or not.

Note, this is probably the most thorough review on Clixsense that you are going to ever read.

I have spent over 15 hours writing this review, trying to cover everything in a well formatted and understandable way.

I warn you though.. This post is a MEGA POST ! . That means that there’s a lot of reading here..

I like to be as honest and transparent to my reviews as much as it gets. I will not create unnecessary hype or try to ”push” you to join Clixsense. Instead I will point the Pros and Cons and I will share with you my own genuine opinion.

I have deal with the ptc industry for almost 5 years now and I can say with confidence that I have tried and tested almost every ptc website that is out there.

Of course after joining and dropping over 100 (YES, Over 100) ptc websites, I have finally settled down to just one: ClixsenseNeobux

The reason?

Because I was sick and tired joining ptc websites that last – only – 3 to 12 months.
Because I was disgusted by the fact that almost all ptc admins are looking for quick profits and then abandon their projects and their users.
Because I was mad with the renting referrals scam that every ptc administrator is promoting on their websites.
Because I had finally found a ptc website that had the fond to last forever (and it did and still does), bringing me profits for years to come.
Because I saw a ptc website that it is continuously updating its interface and its features.
and finally.. Because I had realized that Clixsense admins are Honest people.
Again, I am not going to try to create hype for Clixsense in this review. I will just present its features – on my perspective – in a well structured way, to help you take an easier decision on whether to join or not.

Clixsense is a PTC website. PTC stands for Paid To Click and it a business model that allows users to get paid to watch advertisements. Clixsense was founded on February 2007 – 7 years ago. It is among the oldest ptc websites that are still running and growing day by day.

[Update 22/2/2016] Currently Clixsense has over 5,772,242 active members (Yeap, almost 6 million) and it has payed them – until now – over $15699674.

Clixsense’s administrators according to Wikipedia and is Steve Girsky and Jim Grago.

The company’s office – according to – is located on:

State/Province: NC
Postal Code: 28443
Country: US
Phone: +1.9103190966
The fact that the administrators have their names and their contact details available on the internet shows (at least to me) that these guys are not here to scam anyone.

You can call them at any moment or visit their office (if you are from North Carolina) at any time you want.

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TIP: Always do your research on Google and on before you join a ptc website. If they don’t have their names and contact details available to the public, that means that the ptc website you are thinking to join will more likely be a scam site.