Appen (Figure Eight) Micro Tasks


Crowdflower Dashboard with level B     atch

Do you want to earn money from Appen’s Micro tasks?

This article is a definitive guide to start working on Appen tasks.

Throughout this article, We are going to walk you through all you have to know about Appen Micro Jobs.

And we are going to discuss the following topic.

1. What is the Appen task?

2. How to set up an Appen account?

3. How to get started with Appen tasks

4. What are the test questions and how to handle them?

5. Achieving level batches.

6. How to complete the task on Appen

7. Choosing the right tasks

8. Achieving higher accuracy

9. How to contact the support team for help?

10. Can you find the answer to the task question?

So let’s jump into the article.

What is Appen  (Formerly Figure Eight)?

Appen is a micro job website that offers different types of tasks for money.

At Appen, you can sign up for free and work from anywhere you want with jobs available all days long.

They will give you proper instructions to complete the tasks. You need to follow the instructions and answer the tasks.

You can also stop working whenever you want.

Since it is a micro job site, there are different types of tasks with different outcomes. I have personally seen hundreds of different tasks.

Usually, you receive tasks from the following categories.

1. Data Entry

2. Internet Research

3. Annotations.

4. Paid surveys.

5. Reviewing the content on the internet.

Other than that you receive tasks from different categories occasionally.

In the upcoming parts, We discuss all the aspects of Appenone by one.

How to set up your Appen account?

Working with Appen is really simple.

You want to begin by creating a contributor account on Appen.

Go to Appen, fill up the signup form, and verify your email address.

Appen new account sign up form

Once you signed up for Appen, the real process begins.

Appen pays you directly through Paypal.

So that makes it necessary to have a Paypal Account. Right in the Signup process, Appen will request you to sign in with your Paypal Account to verify your Paypal Account.

Once you finished the Signup process, You will reach your dashboard where you can find all the available jobs for you.

How to get started with Appen

So far we have been through how to set up accounts.

From this point, we enter into the working part of the Appen.

See, when you begin with Appen, You wouldn’t see a lot of tasks on the list.

That’s because Appen follows a 3 level system.

Appen dashboard for new members

You need to achieve level 3 in order to receive a maximum number of tasks.

In the beginning, they will automatically put in level zero.

You need to work and gain experience to achieve those levels. For that, you need to answer at least 100 test questions.

When talking about the test question, most people misunderstand that to be a set of questions you need to answer all at once.

This is where this site differs from other micro job sites.

Whenever you attempt to complete tasks, the first task is a qualifier task which is called “Quiz mode”.

Task with test questions - Appen

In qualifier tasks, Appen knows the correct answers for the task questions.

They use them to verify you are responsibly completing your job.

Coming back to the point, this is how they calculate test questions.

In the first qualifier task, the number of questions you answer is calculated as the number of test questions gained.

For example, if the first qualifier task you complete has 10 questions, that will be counted as 10 test questions.

And then every paid task you complete will add one more test question.

Here is an example.

I completed 51 tasks with every task containing 10 questions.

Calculating test question for Appen

10 from the first qualifier tasks and 50 from 50 paid tasks. In overall, 60.

Achieving Level Batches

Just like mentioned above, you need to complete 100 test questions in order to achieve level batches.

along with test questions, you also have to maintain your accuracy over 70% to receive level batches.

The following are the accuracy you need to have to earn levels.

Level 1 – 70%

Level 2 -80%

Level 3- 85% and above.

For me, it about a week to accomplish all level batches.

Dashboard Appen with level batch

Once you gain level batches,  you will have enough tasks available.

At any given time, you can expect more than 100 tasks.

You also have to maintain accuracy on your tasking, if you maintain accuracy over 85%, all the tasks will be available to your work.

The Zero Level tasks

Like mentioned earlier, When you start working, you are going to be at level Zero.

But the most frustrating thing is that they are not available all the time.

You would often see a task page that looks similar to this.

Tasks available for new members at Appen

Because of that, it is important for you to be there when the tasks are available.

I have seen a lot of people giving up even before they get started because of the lesser tasks available.

You can simply get notified about the new tasks by adding the Clixaddon browser extension.

It will notify you about the tasks available instantly.

How to complete the task with Appen  

All the tasks in Appen have the same pattern of completion.

Whatever the task you choose, the top portion is for the instructions.

In the instruction part, you have all the instructions you need to complete with examples for each one of them.

task instructions on Appen

It’s important for you to understand that every task is unique and is expecting different results.

Most common mistake people make in the beginning is that when they see a similar task to the one they completed before, they skip directly to the task without reading instructions.

So always take your time to read the instruction before you start working on tasks even if you the task seem like very similar to the previous tasks.

It will also help you to improve your accuracy.

Once you see the instructions, for most tasks, in the next part you will see examples of tasks. Take a look at them too.

task examples on Appen tasks

After that,  you have your task questions, follow the instructions, and complete the tasks.

After completing the task click on the proceed button to finish the task.

On the next page, if you made any mistake they would let you know.

Otherwise, you can keep doing your tasks until they are available.

Two Different Types of Tasks

There is one other thing you need to know, two different types of Appen tasks.

  1. Tasks with test questions.
  2. Tasks without test questions.

For both, the structure of the task is going to be the same.

But the only difference is with type 2.

There are no qualifier tasks or task questions.

Appen tasks without test questions

That means there are no right or wrong answers. You can complete freely complete them without worrying about the outcome.

And these type 2 tasks are also often high paying.

Choosing the right tasks

Choosing the right tasks can be one of the important factors when it comes to making money in the long run.

This benefits you in two ways.

1. It let you earn more without spending much time on unnecessary tasks.

2. It helps you to maintain a higher level of accuracy.

So how you are going to choose the right task?

It’s easy.

Simply, you have to choose the tasks based on satisfaction.

On the last column (sixth column), you can see the rating column.

Appen Tasks based satisfaction rating

It will help you to sort your tasks based on satisfaction.

But use this option after gaining levels.

When you are new, just like discussed before, you don’t really have a lot of option available. You have to complete every task available.

But when you achieved your level batches, you will have plenty of tasks available.

When you see High paying tasks, it’s enticing to choose those tasks.

But always choose your tasks based on a satisfactory level. it will help you avoid a lot of headaches.

The most recommended satisfactory level is three points and above.

How to Keep your accuracy high

It will be always crucial to have your accuracy maintained at an optimum level.

To maintain your accuracy,  make sure you follow these three simple tricks.

1. Read all your instructions carefully. The sample test questions may be part of the tasks, make sure you see all them carefully. As you will have similar tasks on your test questions.

2. Choose fair paying tasks that are also easy to complete.

3. Finally, contact their support, if you feel like you completed the tasks correctly and they took that wrong.

4. Discuss your tasking in the Clixsense forum. There you can find a lot of people working on the same tasks as you. Connect with them. It will be helpful.

How to contact Appen support team

Whenever you feel like you are given unfair answers contact their support team they will help solve that problem.

To contact their support team, you have to have the job ID you have a complaint with and give them the detail why you feel their answer is unfair.

It’s best practice to have screenshots of the problem you face.

To contact your support team, at the top of your task screen, click on “help” and then “File a ticket”.

Sending ticket to Appen

Then file your complaint there to find a solution.

Can I find the answer to the task question?

And there is one another thing most people ask is “where can I find the right answer the tasks?”

Unfortunately, there is no one that can provide you that.

As mentioned earlier, every task is unique and has different expectations in the outcome.

Above all, most of the tasks only last a few days. So the answers are not going to be the same for the next set of tasks.

Because of that, in most cases, it’s almost impossible to find the answer to those questions.


In overall, Appen is an awesome site to work and earn money. Even though it seems a little bit difficult to getting started, once established, you can work on the site whenever you want to work.

Follow all the instructions mentioned above, and with the time you can earn money.

After gaining, some experience you may start to work on this, without any hassle.

You can also try other micro job sites that are similar to Appen and online money earning sites.


With all the combined, you can make a nice part-time income.