7 Best Paying GPT Sites in 2021 ( Cashout through PayPal)


5 Best GPT sites - Get paid to complete Surveys and offers

Do you want to earn money in your spare time?

A GPT site is an easy way to make side income online.

If you are wondering what a GPT site is, It is simply a website that allows you to complete simple tasks for money.

At GPT sites, You complete simple tasks like Completing surveys, Micro jobs, watching videos and many other.

The best part is you need to meet no requirement to join these sites. And you can get started immediately.

In this article, we have 7 best paying and legit GPT sites.

Plus, First 5 of them offers cashout through Paypal.

So let’s move on the list.

Best GPT Sites – Complete Offers and Surveys for Cash

Here we listed 7 best and high paying GPT sites.

So no matter where you are from, The US, Uk, India, Philippines, or any other part of the world, these sites accept international members.

you can just sign up and start to work immediately.

1. Ysense (Formerly Clixsense)

Clixsense, A get paid to site (GPT) that offers surveys and tasks.

Ysense , formerly Clixsense, has been in the GPT business for almost 10 years with more than 5 million dollars paid to its members.

At Clixsense, As they have partnered with some of the top survey panels, you can expect plenty of surveys from them.

Next to surveys, we have crowd flower tasks. Crowdflower is Micro tasking site that offers small jobs through Ysense.

Even though all the other sites we mention here offer you the same tasks as Clixsense, The higher pay rate and a 25 percent commission make Ysense much favourable.

They also have all the many offers completing panels, and from them you can expect a variety of tasks like downloading apps, signing up for programs and playing games.

To make some extra money from offers keep checking them once or twice a week.

One more another good thing about this site is the referral program. by inviting your friends and family to Clixsense, you can add 20 percent of their earnings as commission.

Minimum cashout is $10 through Paypal.

Sign up for Ysense

refer: The Complete Guide to Ysense

2. PrizeRebel

PriceRebel GPT site - Complete surveys for cash.

PriceRebel is another good GPT site.

At this site, you can find four different ways to earn money.

  1. Surveys
  2. Appen Tasks
  3. Offers from different panels
  4. Contests.

Even though this site is exactly the same as Ysense, it is a genuine site with as many opportunities with minimum cashout threshold.

PriceRebel pays through PayPal. You need to make $5 minimum for cashout.

You can also expect gift cards from your favourite online retailers.

Sign up for PriceRebel

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks, One of the best GPT sites, is offering surveys, offers, paid videos to make money on spare time

Swagbucks is one of the biggest names in the GPT industry, this site so far has paid well over 4 million dollars to its members in reward.

You can spend your time at Swagbucks by completing offers such as watching videos, participating in polls and completing surveys.

And you can also use their search engine to browse which will earn you random rewards.

Similar to Clixsense, Swagbucks also offers the referral program. With that, you can refer as many peoples as you want and the referral commission stands at a lifelong 10 percent.

Even though you can find Crowdflower tasks on Swagbucks as well, I would suggest you use Clixsense over Swagbucks.

Swagbucks sends payments through Paypal where minimum cashout is just $5, and If you are interested, you can also choose other methods like gift cards.

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4. Timebucks

Timebucks is a brand new site that offers surveys, offers and other tasks to make money.

Timebucks is a unique site with a good reputation and is also performing really well.

Most of the tasks at Timesbucks are related to watching videos and slideshows.

You are also allowed to make them promotional videos where every accepted video will make you $3. In addition,

They have 5 levels of affiliate marketing. Besides these, Timebuck also has Plenty of survey panels and offer walls with a nice number of surveys.

The minimum Cashout is $10. For Indian users, they directly send your income to your Bank Account. You can also use AirTM or Payeer.

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5. InstaGC

Instagc offers, tasks, surveys and offers for cash

Instagc is simple GPT site, with the same features as other GPT sites. In short, this is another typical site with similar opportunities.

But their minimum cashout make this site more appealing, And it is as low as $1. Working on a few crowd flower tasks may lead you to a cashout.

Instagc sends your earnings through Paypal.

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6. Treasure Trooper

Treasure trooper GPT site, A site offers cashback shopping, surveys, paid videos. and offers.

Treasure trooper is another site with a whole lot of different user interface. Almost everything On this site will make you feel like you are looking for a hidden treasure.

Just like the other site, treasure trooper offers you similar ways, like completing surveys, searching the web, watching videos, and offer walls.

And this site lets you shop at your favorite e retailers with cashback shopping.

For cashout, Once you reached $20 they will send it to you by check or Paypal.

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7. InboxDollars

Inbox Dollar - Get paid to clicking mail

Inbox dollars is one of my favorite sites. A site with so many earning opportunities. 

But it will be disappointing for you if you are living outside the United States as they only accept members from the USA.

The unique way of making money on this site is paid emails. Just for opening emails, you will get paid.

At Inboxdollars, there are opportunities to earn as you can get paid for watching videos, playing games, searching the web, Completing surveys and referring people.

You need to make $30 to request a payment from them. They will send you a check directly through the mail.

InboxDollars offers you a bonus of $5 for signing up.

Sign up for InboxDollars


Best practices to follow on GPT sites

And finally, there are two important things you have to follow for a good experience with GPT sites,

First, All the GPT sites have the same offer walls with different payouts, because of this, before completing an offer, check for the site that guarantees you the higher payout.

Second, Refer as many people as you can, as that is the key factor to increase earnings. You can find a lot of people like-minded people on social media and Q&A sites like Quora.


It is simple to make money If you know where to begin.

And now that you have the 5 best GPT sites and know how to work on them, you can make an earning in your spare time.

Take advantage of GPT sites, and also use Micro job sites to make additional income.

There are also many other online money making sites, where you can different types of Jobs.

If you have any question to ask, leave them in the comments.